Salts for babies: How much is much?

We are told to avoid salt in babies under 1’s as their kidneys cant cope with it, however we all – including babies – need a little bit of salt to survive.

Babies needs a tiny amount of salt, 110 mg to 370 mg per day until they turn one and only 2g per day thereafter and maximum of 6g for adults. For the first 6 months of life they will meet their needs through breastmilk or formula.

Once weaning starts and milk feeds reduce, your baby will get the additional salt he/she needs from food, but this is where it tends to go haywire and babies consume too much.

Liking salty or sweet food is a ‘learned taste preference’ which means your little ones has to be taught to like the foods before she will choose to eat them. The best way to avoid developing a preference for salty or sweet foods is not to give them routinely in the first place especially when they start weaning.

At yummybrews we start our food from scratch without using any processed food to avoid sodium. Our products are cooked using original raw ingredients such as bone broth from a chicken carcass or pork bones and vegetables.

Order now and start a salt free diet for your babies.


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