Si Shen Millet

120 ~ 150g

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Available Date: 03/11/2021


YU Signature Bone broth, Si Shen, millet

Baby age

Suitable for baby age 6 months and above.


Keep refrigerated (up to 7 days) or frozen (up to 14 days) at all times.


Sprout packaging with resealable cap.

The Facts / What’s on my plate

Si Shen (四神)
Si Shen four main ingredients: Shan Yao, Qian Shi, Lian Zi and Fu Ling. It is a natural herbal blend consisting of Chinese Yam, Lotus Seeds, Poria, Barley and Euryale Seeds.

Chinese yam is rich in proteins, vitamin C, calcium and many more. It helps to improve blood circulation, nourishes the kidneys and lung. Euryvale helps to strengthen the kidney and spleen. Removes dampness to regulate our spleen and stomach.

Lotus seed calms the spirit, strengthens the spleen and kidney.Poria Cocos helps to regulate water metabolism, removes dampness and calm the spirit (shen, 神)

Suitable for babies to improve their poor appetite.

How to serve

Submerge the package in warm water to heat up.

Warnings: Do not put in microwave or boiling water.

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