Wild Yam Millet

120g ~ 150g

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Instock: 50
Available Date: 17/01/2022


Signature Bone Broth, Chinese Wild Yam and Millet

Baby age

Suitable for baby age 6 months and above


Keep refrigerated (up to 7 days) or frozen (up to a month) at all times


Sprout packaging with resealable cap.

Product series

Millet Pork Broth

The Facts / What’s on my plate

Chinese yam is rich in proteins, vitamin C, calcium and many more. It helps to improve blood circulation, nourishes the kidneys and lungs.

How to serve

Submerge the package in warm water to heat up.

Warnings: Do not put in microwave or boiling water.

Prouct Reviews


5.00 out of 5

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  1. Joyz (verified owner)

    Super convenient for busy working mothers. Helps save the hassle on grocery shopping, prepping, cooking and storage. Baby loves it too (spoonful after spoonful without the fuss) I have personally tasted the food and can tell they didn’t stinge on the ingredients and definitely no added salt! Food consistency for the 6-month option is smooth, thick and not runny or gooey, another testament on the wholesomeness of the product. Definitely value for money! Love the fact that one can choose the food texture according to the age group. Looking forward to trying out the rest of their food pouches!

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