How you know why your baby is ready for solid food

Paediatricians usually recommend that you start offering solid foods when your baby reaches six months old.

it is essential to look out for the following indications that your baby will be able to cope with solids:

  • Your baby can hold their head up
  • Your baby can sit up well with the support of their high chair
  • Your baby shows an interest in mealtimes and food
  • Your baby can move food to the back of the tongue to swallow

If you’re unsure whether your baby is ready, you should check with your doctor.

At YU, you can start with our signature Yu. Signature Millet porridge (simply smooth 十倍粥). Our signature porridge is for a baby first food. We made our porridge with fresh pork and brews over hours to get the bone broth. We then cooked the millets with the bone broth. Your babies get the nutrients they need for their first food.

What is 十倍, essentially we use ten cups of bone broth for cooking one cup of rice. Afterwhich, we blend it, and the end product is a highly liquid porridge that is suitable for babies who started solid food.

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