My product was damaged upon arrival. What should I do?

We guarantee that at the time of shipment your product is free from defects in materials. Please notify us within 24 hours of receipt of the product if your shipment is damaged.

Unfortunately after this period or if the product was not stored as directed on our packaging, we are unable to honor a warranty claim.

If yummybrews determines that the product does not conform to the specification, we will replace the product free of charge, or provide a full refund of the invoice price of the product.

Is the product in stock

We strive to make our food fresh; therefore, we do not keep stock.

Do you do custom formulations?

We are continually exploring new flavours, and we love to hear your feedback and the flavours you may be interested in.

Can I get a free sample to test?

Yes, however for a free sample, we currently offer it for self-collection only, subject to availability.

How much salt is in your product?

We do not add any salt, preservative or colourings to our products.

All salt produced is natural from the origin food source.

Is there any form of sugar such as honey use in your product?

No, we do not use any form of sugar or honey in our product. Honey contains microscope spores that may cause botulism infants, plus it can also be a choking hazard.

All our ingredients are stated in our product catalog.

Do you use milk in your product?

No, we do not use any form of milk in our product.

All our ingredients are stated in our product catalog.

How should I store my product?

Once you receive the product, check for any leakage.

For immediate usage, you can warm it up by following the instructions in the packaging.

For later use, we recommend freezing the product.

How do I heat up my product?

You can refer to the instructions stated in our packaging.

To heat up the product (from freeze):

  1. Defrost from the freezer by putting the product at room temperature.
  2. Boil a pot of water.
  3. Off the fire and let water cool
  4. Place the defrosted packaging into the warm water to heat up the food.
What is the difference in the age group selected at the product page?

A baby’s appetite also increases during any developmental growth spurt. The liquid density in our product reduces as the baby develops. The diverse age group selected is for us to prepare the correct type of density for your baby.