Yummybrews (养 毓 补)

Yummybrews (养 毓 补) is conceived by cousins, Candice and Kelly. Having young children, nieces and nephews in the family, Candice and Kelly searched for wholesome first foods that are Asian inspired and nutritious.

Growing up, there was never a lack of homemade bone broth soup to complete our meals. Our mothers laboured over the stove to ensure that we have the best tasting yet nutritious soup to fill our tummies.

After having little ones in the family, Candice and Kelly wanted to keep the tradition going for the children. But often, work got in the way, and meals got neglected. 

As parents, we are very particular and conscious about the food that goes into our baby’s tummy. We also understand the time and effort needed to prepare, cook and the aftermath (washing of dishes) of a meal. We started Yummybrews, to provide families a brewing solution that is quick and healthy so they can spend the rest of their time to interact and socialise with their loved ones.

Yummybrews was born – to provide bone broth soup for baby’s first foods convenient for parents and nutritious for babies that uses recipes that were passed from generation to generation.

We are honoured to be your partners in providing the best food for your baby’s development. Yummybrews – the best food for weaning.

Why 养毓
(Sounds like Yummy)?

养毓 means to:

  • Bring up
  • Nourish

As mothers, we all have a desire for our children to be strong and healthy. We want to raise and give our children the best. For the baby’s first six months, we nourished our babies with our breastmilk and (or) formula milk. Start your baby next milestone with Yummybrews first food bone broth.

Your baby faces a brand-new to the world, and food is fresh to their digestive systems. That is why we must take extra precautions to ensure babies receive healthy, safe, and gentle food on their stomachs.

Yummybrews’s is the only baby food brand that incorporates bone broth into a baby’s first foods.

At Yummybrews, we make our products in small batches with a high degree of attention to quality, nutritious retention and safety.


To be a familiar name when it comes to baby food. To give our babies the freshness and nutrients they need. The first pit-stop for all parents to know about babies or children 101.


Bone Broth has natural collagen, minerals and nutrients that play a vital role in a baby’s growth. As the babies digestive system starts to mature around six months, this is an excellent time to introduce a wide range of nutrient-full foods to babies.